lunar army

From: Stephen Tempest <>
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2000 19:27:50 GMT

Gareth Martin:

>have become increasingly wary of making such direct translations. In fact, I
>wish the Lunars were MORE like Rome than they are... basically becuase I like
>the "civilised soldier vs unruly barbarion" trope. But it seems the lunars
>themselves are too disorganised for this to make sense.

"Disorganised"? Although the technology level is wrong, you might want to compare the Lunars to the British Army at the time of Queen Victoria's Jubilee. Even the Heartland (ie, English) regiments clung jealously to their own traditions and uniforms, and then you had Scottish Highlanders, Irish Guards, Bengal Lancers, African askaris, West Indian zouaves, Western Australian mounted infantry, Pathan frontiersmen, Gurkha riflemen, and more... A huge variety of different cultures and tactics, but welded together by a professional officer corps (like the Lunars) and a firm conviction that they represented the forces of Progress, Decency and Civilisation (also like the Lunars).


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