Roderick saves the day

From: Karin Goihl & Daniel Fahey <>
Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2000 11:56:51 +0100

> >>I'm not asking for Quaff Mead and Belch to be added to the list.
> >
> I really don't understand how our sacred practices are considered by you
> to be a topic of amusement. These rituals are very important to us, and
> I'll be happy to demonstrate this to you at the next con.
> Wahanie the Bull
>Gee, Wahanie, I didn't know that you drank mere *mead*. Those strange
>concoctions of yours...

Thanks! I was just wondering what else to make. Toulouse-Lautrec made his special drink with Cognac and called it atremblement de terre (earthquake). I'll mix up my version for the next con with mead and absinthe, and call it Roderick.

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