Sylilan Gods

From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2000 13:23:53 +1300

Theo Posselt:

>As part of my endless stream of Sylilan questions, I'm
>interested gods that craftsmen would worship.

As the Sylilans are descended from Orlanthi, it's probable that their crafters would worship Orlanthi Gods. Thus we would have Gustbran the Redsmith and Minlister the Brewer from KoS, Pananala the Potter from an Ernalda myth that was up on

>So far I have:
>* Lodril the Shaper

Lodril is inappropriate for Sylila as the land is no good for Lodrili style farming. There are the Ten Sons and Servants of Lodril that can be used (Alfostios the Cooper, Ostevius the Carpenter, Venurtera the Potter and perhaps Morurder the Miller) but I would only expect to see these people in Jillaro.

>* Yestendos or Anaxial (for shipwrights)

The Sylilans would not worship these blokes and crafting isn't their worshippers day job.

>I was thinking of:
>* Iphigos - who I only know as the creator of Hwarin's
>Statues, is more known? I'm assuming he's the
>Pelandan crafts god.

Nothing more is known. You might be right about his Pelandan origins, but IMO he was a extraordinary crafter who lived then and was deified later.

>* a shepherd's god (for weavers). Isn't there an
>Orlanthi god of this?

Voriof. However Ernalda is the goddess who weaves AFAIK.

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