Re: Lunar Weapons

From: Andrew Larsen <>
Date: Wed, 03 Jan 2001 00:22:56 -0600

> From: "Coridan" <>
> Subject: RE: The Glorantha Digest V8 #200
> Well, the below would probably involve a group of Orlanthi
> Heroquesting into Godtime to divine and uncover the direct
> relationship between Rufelza/Natha/etc and Orlanth.
> <Storm Voice Mode ON>
> My speculation is that the reason that Orlanth is so weak
> against Rufelza is not due to any power or secrets,
> but simply because he holds his full fury and might back.
> You see, Kinslaying is the most chaotic of all Orlanthi
> crimes. Rufleza, via Wakboth and Ragnaglar, is
> Orlanth's kin. Thus, does insidious Chaos find a way to
> overcome the nobility of Old King Storm. She seeks to
> replace the freedom of the winds with locked in, chained
> cycles of moon... change that never changes, mobility that
> is forever static. Certainly, the work of Chaos!

    Interesting theory, and I kind of like it, but how does that relationship work? How is Rufelza related to Wakboth?

Andrew E. Larsen

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