Lunar Political Analogy

From: Greg Stafford <>
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 15:48:53 -0800

At 11:45 AM 1/17/2001 -0800, I wrote:
>>Personally, I've never been that
>>convinced by the Soviet analogy
>Everyone can do all of Glorantha a lot of good to rid it of this fallacious
>analogy. The soviet model is entirely inappropriate.

I realize this statement is unnecessarily dismissive and wish to soften it. I actually agree that a soviet analogy has some value under the right interpretation and circumstances.
My primary objection is to the level of reality that is borne along with the analogy.
That is, some material is fine for playing with, fine for joking around with and fine for a narrator to use; but is inappropriate as a model for the way that I see Glorantha. I don't care what anyone does in their own game. The inclusion of regimental commissars is fine for a lrp, for your game and (should I wish to do so) fine for my own game as well. But in Glorantha there is no such thing. Sure some sort of analog may exist, but the vocabulary wouldn't be used in an official publication because it would ruin the atmosphere I have determined to try to hold. Part of my job is to offer the most appropriate models. I am not obliged to agree that bad models suit me. Authors should be forewarned that we don't want it used as an analogy for submitted material. I need to define things in a manner that will allow Issaries to move ahead with its exploration and exposure of Glorantha. This one won't make my job easier. Tarsh Wars is a fun play and Chris, Nick and Dan deserve commendation for the fun play it provides. But it's analogies and vocabulary are not appropriate for Glorantha as I see it.

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