Re: (Vingan) women only

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <>
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 18:22:35 -0800

> I have a question for the digest:
> But let me begin with a related question: are there male followers of
> Or more to the point, is the all in "all followers of Vinga are women"
> an orlanthi all of 85%? Are there a minority of a minority of redheaded

Every single follower of Vinga is a woman. Not "orlanthi all", not "yelmic all", every single one.

The reason is simple: Vinga is the way that women worship Orlanth.

> My main question:
> What are the reasons and effects of male-exclusion in cults of glorantha?
> (BTW this is no way an attempt to restart the Nandan debate...)

There is also female-exclusion.

In Heortling/Orlanthi society, gender roles are split between "Active/Male" (hunting, warfare) and "Passive/Female" (healing, family care). The dieties reflect (or enforce, your choice) this split - most deities of healing are female (two exceptoions, Heler and Arroin, and both have "differences" from the male deities), most dieties of combat are male (the Gor sisters have their differences from the regular female deities), etc.

For those men who have more "passivity" in them, there are a few cults that accept male worshippers (Chalana Arroy), or there is Nanadan. For women who have more "activity", there are a few cults that don't mind having women (Humakt, Urox - pretty extreme) or there is Vinga.

Other cultures have similar gender splits (though not necessarily the same divisions). Few cultures have *no* gender-specific roles.


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