Re: New List Administrator

From: Graham Robinson <>
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 09:20:43 +0000 (GMT)

On Wed, 17 Jan 2001, Stephen P. Martin wrote:

> We are happy to announce that the Glorantha Digest has a new administrator.
> Graham Robinson was one of several people who volunteered to take over the
> list. We are happy to have him take over this burden.

As Stephen says, I have now taken over as moderator of the digest. I don't intend to do much actual moderating - as I recall Eric was averaging about one public slapped wrist a year, and that seems a good guide to me. I'm also very open to any and all advice or suggestions people may have, especially those who have run this list before.

In the short term, there won't be any changes to how things work. I am considering some longer term possibilities, such as moving the list on to my own machines or a companion web site to provide some of the benefits of e-groups. What will actually happen remains to be decided. Depends largely what people want. Again, if anyone has any advice or suggestions, let me know.

The major change is that I'm now the person sitting on the end of Use this address (or the one below) if you have any problems with the digest. Hopefully last week's total existence failure won't happen again in a hurry!


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