Re: Vinga

From: Graham Robinson <>
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 12:26:18 +0000 (GMT)

Peter Metcalfe wrote :
> >But let me begin with a related question: are there male followers
> >of Vinga?
> No. Vinga is open to women only.
> >What are the reasons and effects of male-exclusion in cults of
> >glorantha?
> Because the cults concerned are seen as specifically female or
> because they come from cultures that have a strong division between
> men's work and women's work. FWIW there are male-only cults
> (including some aspects of Orlanth).

This leads to a more general question. I'm happy enough with Vinga only having female initates, etc. There seems little she can offer a man prepared to initiate given the range of more normal 'masculine' cults.

However, Vinga (for example) offers some magics which are more generally useful - travelling, exploring and defensive, for example. While all these overlap with more masculine cults, there will be circumstances when these abilities are exactly what is wanted. Would these be provided to men through the usual pantheon worship means? Obviously some cults are strictly one gender only - Babeester Gor, for example - but Vinga? I'm not so sure.


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