Polaris and Kallyr

From: Peter Larsen <plarsen_at_mail.utexas.edu>
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 09:30:33 -0600

Jane Williams says:

>I love the idea, but it wasn't mine. At least, I don't think so.

        Sorry, I was thinking about your ideas on Kallyr's life and her connection to Pole Star (is that cannon?).  

>Kallyr improved her knowledge of tactics between 1613 and 1625
>considerably (starting from zero, some might say), but that was mainly
>by following Broyan around AFAIK. And he's a Heortling. Her link with
>Polaris *may* have helped, but I really can't see her taking Polaris
>tactics and expecting Orlanthi troops to use them. The differences are
>just too great. If you can see a way of doing it, please tell me: I'd
love to
>be convinced of this one!

        Battles as giant heroquests might explain some of Polaris's strengths as a military god -- precise choreography (and costuming!) would be necessary to get the greatest benefits, along with good military intelligence (another Polaris ability) and a good knowledge of myth. Now, in this model, Orlanthi may be at a disadvantage: they don't do choreography well, and, assuming they aren't in on the secret, the only myth they can use is the triumphant disorder of the arrival of the Storm pantheon. They still have a pretty good success rate because this is a potent myth: the Storm gods pretty much beat everyone. However, supposing a clever Polaris commander has learned a myth where Orlanth snubbed Humakt and the Sword God went off to sulk; the Polarian could use this myth to force the Humakti off the field, cancel their magic, ruin their morale or whatever.

        Kallyr was the first Heortling to get access to Polaris's secrets. She could have given her supporters a couple of things: some knowledge of typical military formations (if not to use, to respond to) and the idea of military heroquests. This would increase the number of "mythic tactics" available to her troops. Because she is open about her methods, other Heortling commanders learn the idea, and Agrath is able to use it in his reformation of the Sartar military.

        Of course, all of this depends on the idea of "military heroquests" having any merit.

Peter Larsen

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