1h spear & shield and the moonsicle subcult

From: Mikko Rintasaari <rintasaa_at_mail.student.oulu.fi>
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001 09:51:42 +0200

> From: "Jerome Blondel" <bwbfc_at_hotmail.com>
> Subject: Weapons
> Hi
> In HW, Spear & Shield is said to be a common Heortling fighting style. But
> how do people fight with 1H-spear? I'm sure it must work but i can't picture
> this. How do you hold your spear? I've even tried with a wood shaft but it
> seems quite clumsy (note that i'm a poor fighter...)

I agree with you. A spear held in one hand is a terribly poor weapon. The reach is very short because you have to hold it from the middle (or even a bit towards the pointy end because it's heavier). You definitely can't parry with it (no matter what RQ said), and attacks are very simple and fairly easy to parry.

Parhaps there is a secret to this that I haven't figured out yet? Personally I'd take a 2h spear any time over the 1h-spear and shield thingy. Better yet, give me a sword with the shield!  

> >:conquest of them. If so, any ideas what that weapon might be?

I answered.
> >The sickle
> Probably the favourite weapon of Lunar priests and sorcerers - i like the
> sickle. But in this context the moon weapon doesn't have to be a harmful
> one: consider Kyger Litor's sandals and Huraya's scarf...

That's what I was sort of going for. While the sicle can be used as a weapon it is primarily a harvesting tool. It's mystically and symbolically significant, and not just a weapon.
  What powers it would grant to Orlanth, I don't really have a clue. Parhaps it could be used to cut magic? (gaining a more powerful dismiss magic spell, in RQ thinking). Or harvest magic? (gaining Absorbtion).

> Also, the Lunar weapon may be tainted with Chaos and the heroquester who
> tries to steal it has to be aware of such a danger. If he does it anyway,
> either he's illuminated, either he's a Trickster, either he's a dangerous
> guy. And assuming an Illuminated Orlanthi Hero conquers the moon weapon and
> creates a subcult, what would the consequences be?

That's what I was just thinking too. How many Orlanthi would really want to join such an subcult. Then again, "if it's a trophy of orlanth it must be ok", they meight think. Parhaps the moonsicle weaponcult would give a power so useful that people would flock to gain it's strength (against the Lunars?). My guess would be that it could well go horribly wrong...  


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