Re: 1H spear

From: Jane Williams <>
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001 10:22:45 -0000

> From: "Jerome Blondel" <>

> In HW, Spear & Shield is said to be a common Heortling fighting style. But
> how do people fight with 1H-spear? I'm sure it must work but i can't
> picture this. How do you hold your spear? I've even tried with a wood
> shaft but it seems quite clumsy (note that i'm a poor fighter...)

In the little spear & shield fighting I've done (with the Dark Ages Society, several years ago), you hold the spear at its balance point, about half way along. Whether it's wielded over- or under-arm is open to debate: re-enactors choose the style they think is *least* likely to cause injury, as authenticity can be taken too far :)

All defence is done with the shield. Or your neighbours shield. Forming a shield wall is a Good Thing.

The spear is used purely for stabbing. Used 1H, there's no way you can get the leverage and power to parry with it. (Well unless you're Heroically strong and skillful, but I assume you wanted to know the norm, not the exceptions).

But, my experience is limited and a long time ago. Anyone know more?

Jane Williams

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