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>There is no single method the Emperor uses to maintain control, for his
>very existence is the strongest controlling factor in the Empire. While he
>exists the Empire will always exist. It is his death and total
>dissapearance in 1628 that truly begins the Hero Wars for the Empire.

>As soon as 1628!! Is this a typo?

No, its currently a timelined HW event.

>Tarsh was only liberated around 1630!

Yep, the two are not mutually exclusive! :)

>Did someone (PCs?) permanently murder him and the affair being kept secret?

He was killed in a sacrifice to the Hon-eel cult which has other sub-plots behind it.

>I thought Argrath would bring back Sheng Seleris and Sheng would kill him

Sheng does kill the last Red Emperor, or someone who is accepted as such. He gains the throne in 1638 after a ten year period of confliciting Emperors and Imperial dissolution. It would be no mistake to say that Argrath (or Argraths more like) spend 10 years or so fighting Sylila and the Provinces rather than full Imperial power, and even then, Sylila has other problems in its bid for hegemony over Saird. Oddi and Ralzakarks invasions spring to mind in this period, not to mention disputes with Darjiin over Dara-Ni, Alkothic Henjarl rituals, Sable Rider plunder fests, excursions from Tork, Vanch raiders, internal revolts, coups, riots, White Moon sit ins etc etc.

As for the rest of the Empire, Carmania will be doing its own thing, Rinliddi tries to hold off the nomads without Imperial support and the Lunars are in crisis with White Moon activity growing, internal factionalism spread among the Lunar elites and warlords springing up in all places. Similar in some ways to the dissolution of Persia after Gaugamela, parts still resisted, others proclaimed themselves Emperor, others went over to the invaders etc.  

>Both of them are going to be disappointed (Argrath not the least when
>he discovers he has brought back this psychopath to the world for nothing.)

Not really. Emperor 78 is killed and eaten by the allied army of the nomads and the Argrathi Empire at Molarisor City on the Arcos River, south of Oraya in the 1640s, after that Sheng or his subordinates rule Dara Happa and relaunch the Selerian Empire.

BTW, it is my contention, though this is certainly not official in any way, that Sheng was not at the battle of Gardint and Argrath defeated one of his greater warlords in the region, or perhaps a very strong confederation attempting to take the southern lands. I believe that after his initial freedom, Sheng Seleris would be far more interested in Kralorela than in the Lunar Empire, especially after destroying their Emperor and installing his own lackey as Emperor.

End of The Glorantha Digest V8 #219

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