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 Greg commented
> The length of the day changes according to the season.

 Mightn't the length of the hour change as well, so that the day was always  twelve hours? This happens in some RW systems. >>

    In *all* RW systems prior to the invention of clockwork AFAIK (though there may be some I'm not aware of). Which made reading water-clocks and the like a little complicated, since you had to figure out a way of reading off a variable-length hour from a constant-rate device - you generally had a sort of chart that an arm from the water-clock pointed at, which cross-referenced the date of the year with the length of the hour.

    I'd be very surprised if Heortling hours (assuming they have such things) are of a fixed length. The Mostali would be bound to have them, of course, and possibly some others like the Malkioni, but constant-length hours would be rarity in Glorantha IMO.

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