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<< A Dragon Emperor of the humans is mentioned in Ingolf's Saga
 (KoS p188) at the fall of the EWF.>>

There is the possibility than a Dragon emperor only appeared when the Thrid Council conquered Dara Happa, usurping that Imperial position.

<<When Vistikos Lefteye started the EWF?>>

This seems least likely, given than Hrestol didn't mention such a position.

<<When Isgandrang enslaved the people?>>

This is after the Third Council was formed wasn't it?

<< When the Third Council was formed?>>

This seems to me the best bet. Those who wanted an Emperor and Imperial power, and a ruling council took over the rule of the Wyrms Friends, or at least the bit occupied by people as opposed to dragonic types.

<<When the Council demanded to be worshipped as Gods?>>

I would think they would be Emperors first, then gods.  

<< It's been assumed that the Dragon Emperor was the head of the
 Inner Brotherhood. OTOH he could just as easily be a lowly  minister responsible for all undraconized humans, freeing the  Inner Brotherhood for more exalted tasks.>>

IMO this is what the the Third Council did. The Inner Brotherhood, to avoid entanglements with the world, didn't actually do much governing, leaving a political void. The Third Council were those of a more materialist bent that seized temporal power because no one else really wanted it. I guess my sympathies are with the early EWFers and not those Third Council bastards, but I think the 826 schism was the beginning of the end for the EWF.  

BTW does anyone else read EWF as "eee.yoo.ef." rather than "ee - -double-yoo-ef" since reading KoS?

Keith N

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