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From: Nils Weinander <>
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 08:40:27 +0100

Terra Incognita:
> To Nils Weinander:
> 3: Do you know about Link of Great Cycle of World and More Minor Cycles of
> Personalities?

Do you mean Mashunasan's interpretation of the world cycles as conditions of the mind evolving towards Liberation?

> I have read again & again about Past Post of Kralorelan Mythology. You may
> be
> difficult situation in the Gap among Idea of
> Greg Stafford and Dream Magic Position, I guess you may think I should not
> cut Existence of Dream Magic from Kralorela, you made this concept before GS
> strarted Eastern Box from Missing Land Articles.

A think you can safely assume that there is no dream magic in Kralorela. In parts of the East Isles there is though. The exact nature remains to be discovered, but I think it is a variation of theist magic.

> 4: Can I truly identify Oorsu Sara with Orlanth?

I don't think so for a number of reasons:

> In Vithelan Gods War and Great Darkness, Grey Age were Happy Conquest,
> Atrocity War and Austerity War. First, Demigods Son of Elements destroyed
> Remnants of Oorsu Sara.

I think all the antigods in the Austerity War and Happy Conquests were followers of Avanapdur, Herespur and Janadi who are all great demon warlords in their own right and not remnants of Oorsu Sara. When Mashunasan's Liberation Bolt destroyed Oorsu Sara he had already broken the rest of the worl. I don't think there were any remnants of him left after his demise.

> Second, Tali Remaining Antigods under Oorsu,
> Herespur and Janadi stroke back, Darja
> Danad destroyed Janadi but cannot annihilate his essential existence,

This is important, I think. The antigods are defeated, but there is always one or other left.

Nils Weinander
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