Emperor 78

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Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 14:43:35 EST

>Not really. Emperor 78 is killed and eaten by the allied army of the

>I'm not very learned in Lunar history, but for sure Emperor 78 means that
>there were *lots* of Red Emperors between 1628 and 1640...!

Ah, sorry, my mistake for not explaining that. The Red Emperor is Emperor 77, he was enthroned after the goddess rose into the sky alongside Yelmgatha, the last purely solar Emperor. As far as the Empire is concerned, he is the 77th in a long line of Emperors who ruled Dara Happa, starting with Murharzanelm (before time). When the current _mask_ of Emperor 77 is killed in the Hon-eel sacrifice, he is literally no longer that entity that has survived for the duration of the Empires existence. When the new Red Emperor appears in 1638, he is not a continuity of the old but a new creation. How or why, we don't know yet, though it will be fun finding out. Those "Emperors" inbetween the death of 77 and the enthronment of 78 will be classed as false Emperors by history as they don't rule the whole Empire, just bits of it. 78 is the "true" Red Emperor as he integrates it all back again, including Tarsh, if only briefly.

>Looks like the 3rd age, like its predecessors, will finish in pain and
>large-scale destruction, death, bloodshed, Minarian Memory Suppress and
>mystical wreck. Lots of fun.:);)

Exactly - in other words - the Hero Wars.

Martin Laurie

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