Orlanthi Justice

From: Peter Metcalfe <metcalph_at_bigfoot.com>
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 12:40:53 +1300

Frank Rafaelsen:

>The case: A Hedkoranth God-Talker disappeared along with a holy relic.
>After som heavy duty ritual magic the party lawspeaker discovered that the
>God-talker was killed with a garrote, by a 'Lhankor Mhy' cultist from a
>different clan. Both his head and a special Thunderstone was abducted. Now
>that is secret murder, theft of a holy item, and a very strong
>indication of Thanatar worship.

>The murderer is from a very powerful clan, so the player-characters
>are opposed to starting a blood feud with the other clan before other
>options have been examined. How would they go about to get his bloodline
>to court?

Why do they want to drag the bloodline to court? He's chaotic (and thus an automatic outlaw). Just kill him or if he's too tough, then denounce him to the local Storm Bullies.

The murderer's clan will be very pissed off at your PCs for offing the murderer but there's no way they can declare a blood feud over the matter without looking like Chaos symps and every clan for miles around wanting their scalps.

To avoid any reprisals, the heros' best course of action will be to announce to all and sundry why they killed the murderer. That way they avoid the charge of secret murder.

Kind heros might announce to the murderer's clan that they are harboring a Thanatari so the clan can take appropriate action. But that gives them all the opportunity to hush it up or to hog all the glory so I wouldn't do that.

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