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From: Greg Stafford <>
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 07:57:39 -0800

At 05:47 AM 1/23/2001 -0800, you wrote:
>Here's a summary of current knowledge, assumptions and guesses:
>The 3EB might be one of the first human metal-working culture in Glorantha.
They might, but first or twelfth is irrelevant.

>Before Dawn, their founder (3-eyed Piku) went abroad and came back with
>metal-magic knowledge (and eventually became immortal). Actually he stole it
>from the dwarfs with the help of Daxdarius of Pelanda.
Daxdarius actually worked with people who were way after Piku.

>And when some 3EB
>smiths came (back) to Peloria in 1st age they were considered wonderful

They were there all the time.

>Then (probably toward the end of First Age) they had a problem
>with the dwarves because some (other?) hero of theirs stole the secret of

They caused their own problems.

>Their 'kingdom' in Fronela was shattered with the help of other
>Fronelan humans.

Before Time.

>Today all that remains of their former lands are under the
>Ban, plus some isolated clans and families scattered around in Fronela and
>Peloria. They are mysterious and secretive, and they distrust other Fronelan
>people (and maybe other Fronelan distrust them too). I don't know how they
>get on with the Pelorians.

Mutual distrust.

>Some master-smiths used to move a lot during
>their lifetime, trading secrets. By now, families sometimes move when a
>family member is eaten by the Gobblers frex. Not so long ago, one family
>even settled in Apple Lane, Sartar.

Compare their movements to the gypsies.

>They are good metalworkers and have magic but other people seem to be good
>metalworkers as well: the Loskalmites and the Lunars don't tattoo their face
>and yet they probably make good metal-working too, possibly better in some
>respects. But the 3EB people are still there. So what makes them special? If
>they are so good, some of them could become rich and powerful in the safety
>of the Lunar Empire frex.

Their techniques make them special. "special" doens't necessarily mean "better" or even "unlike anyone else."

>Are they animists, theists or sorcerers?

>Now for a change of topic. Is there any further information about
>Estal Donge? King of Sartar says:
> It seems like a nice
>way to wring a little pathos out of Temertain, who otherwise sounds like a
>feckless academic and stooge.

This is her purpose.
It is intended to be left to the Narrators to make up their own story. I know of a couple of interesting versions of it.

>Are there any areas of Glorantha that are either not current WIP or which no
>major changes are likely to occur in for the near future?
The farther away you get from the main theater of action the more likely that there is less being determined about it.

>Perhaps questioning certain divine gender-preferences in glorantha
>is quite as useful as is trying to refute gravity in real world?
Good analogy.

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