Heortling justice

From: Donald R. Oddy <donald_at_grove.demon.co.uk>
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 01:20:16 GMT

>From: Benedict Adamson <badamson_at_lhr-sys.dhl.com>

>> From: Frank Rafaelsen <rafael_at_nvg.ntnu.no>

>> Now
>> that is secret murder, theft of a holy item, and a very strong
>> indication of Thanatar worship.

>But if that seems all too difficult, remember that a court case is an
>alternative to blood feud; violence is always an option. You could
>just kill the guilty man. But then you would find yourself on the
>sharp end of a blood feud or legal case; how socially powerful is the
>guilty man?

Another option occurs to me, if a PC Uroxi were to use his cult relationship to contact Uroxi in the offender's clan and get them to send a representative to join in the killing. That Uroxi should be able to detect a Thantari or other chaotic and provide witness for any future wrangling that happens as a result of the deed. Not that I think there would be much with clan Uroxi shouting about chaos.

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