From: Dom Twist <thazar_at_globalnet.co.uk>
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 02:06:02 -0000

>I have always heard that old campaigners tended to cut their pikes down to
more manageable lengths

I've never fought Civil War but I know a few guys who have.....the old experianced hands are generally assigned to key positions on the edge of formations as I recall it so this makes a lot of sense. Of course the UK's Civil War re-enactors [The Sealed Knot...Boo Hiss] actualy ALL cut down their pikes to allow for more controll and therefore slightly less actual fatalities...so no help there I'm afraid. Anyone from the [much maligned...but its traditional for Dark Agers to slag off Knoters] Sealed Knot on the Board? Any other experts on the English Civil War?


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