Third Eye Blue, Cat's Eye

From: Jerome Blondel <>
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 01:09:00 -0000


On 3EB:

Greg Stafford:
>Compare their movements to the gypsies.

In prehistory, the destruction of their state by the dwarfs caused eastward expansion through the Janube valley and further into Peloria. As they are foreigners everywhere, this leads to distrust by the local populations, and subsequent ill treatments so that the 3EB return their distrust. Their life is nomadic and they migrate at least seasonally along patterned routes. They don't marry outside their tribe. Sometimes they settle permanently, like the smith in Apple Lane. It's difficult to work metal when you move all the time, but using magic this may be easier. Of course it's difficult for them to mine ore by themselves, and they have to purchase their metal (possibly used metal goods that they recycle into ingots). Farmers and low-class people may be fond of their metalwork and blacksmiths could be middlemen between both cultures.

Can the analogy with the Gypsies be furthered with respect to social structure?

>Their techniques make them special. "special" doens't necessarily mean
>"better" or even "unlike anyone else."

Do they work metal using mostly magic and little heavy equipement?

>>Are they animists, theists or sorcerers?

I can hardly picture them using grimoires like the Malkioni. Maybe their system of sorcery relies on oral lore (making it even more impenetrable to other sorcerers who'd like to steal their secrets).

Joe Mills on Yelmalio:
>So I'm idly perusing my RQ stuff when I noticed that one of the Yelmalio
>divine magic spells was "Catseye". What's up with that? I thought the
>preferred Yelmalio animals were horses and birds? I associate cats with
>Orlanthi, Kralori tiger hsunchen, Basmoli Berserkers and the like.

Re-writing the cult for HW i changed the name for "See in Darkness". I think this suits quite well with Yelmalio's attributes of the light god who survived in the Dark. Of course Yelmalio's eyes emit light in the dark, it's the Orlanthi who thought it looked like cat's eyes.

>Here was released this week from Multisim two books about Pavis and the
>Zola Fel :

(well, this makes up for the little cuts in the Glorantha book :)


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