About the Queens of Dragon Pass

From: Joerg Baumgartner <jorganos_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 14:36:31 +0100

Greg asked
>Has anyone considered the death of the queen?

The queens' biography in KoS (p.227) doesn't give any dates, but in Tarkalor's case we know that his queen was at Grizzly Peak. Grazer sources aren't too clear whether she really died there. Moirades might be the only King of Dragon Pass to have outlived his queen, but most likely only if we assume that his death in 1610 was not that fatal. Even so it might have been a ritual end to his being King of Dragon Pass.

The reign of Moirades' FHQ seems to have ended by 1614, when the Grazers start a campain of summer raids into Tarsh culminating in two massive but mostly futile reprisals in 1615.

While we're at the topic, it appears that Sartar had to establish supremacy in his marriage to the first Feathered Horse Queen. It is unclear whether subsequent Great Marriages between FHQs and Kings of Dragon Pass repeated the two-year contests. From the fact that Tarkalor's son by the queen, Saraskos, was buried according to Grazer rites, it appears that either Tarkalor did not overcome the queen in the contests, or did not care. Likewise Moirades' two children by the FHQ cannot be Pharandros and Estal Donge if her claims to be the daughter of a Sylilan noblewoman are correct.

Is the Great Marriage exclusive, or could a previously married man become King of Dragon Pass and retain his former marriage?

Which partner in the Great Marriage gets the children? Was Sartar's champion's victory in the horse race instrumental in receiving Saronil as his heir, to be raised in Sartar?

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