HonEel etc.

From: Peter Metcalfe <metcalph_at_bigfoot.com>
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2001 12:46:22 +1300

Peter Larsen:

> >All the Eels are part of the same clan, the
> >Eel-Ariash, and connected in some way to the serpent Berneel
> >Arashagern, the Divine Seed of Yelm.

>I'm still having trouble with fitting HonEel into this -- are the
>Eel-Ariash all related to the Emperor, or is HonEel's mystery mother
>(who was a commoner, right?) somehow related to the clan?

IMO the Eel-Ariash was a commoners clan that rose to political prominence on HonEel's coattails (it may have just simply been the Eel clan then for all I know). When she took over the Sultanate of Doblian from the Pentans, her kindred would have been appointed to assist her rule (as is common Pelorian practice). Studying their roots, they would have identified themselves as being descended from Yelm's Divine Seed and added the Ariash part of their clan name then.

The Imperial connection isn't all that close as a) it was some time ago and b) the Emperor has a lot offspring, most of which belong to the Imperial Clan that rules the Silver Shadow.

>Or is this a side effect of linking/proving herself to Maran Gor
>(She got into Tarsh, but at the cost of gaining Dark Earth connections)?

She didn't link herself to Maran Gor. She proved herself to the Ernaldans at Kordros Island. The linkage was Ernalda is the She-Who-Waits of the Seven Mothers.

>HonEel seems like the Lunarized Earth. Assuming this is true, how
>does she relate to the Young Elemental Earth?

It looks to me that the Young Elementals are actually the powers of the four corners of the world and that their rationale in Cults of Prax etc. is one told by the Seven Mothers for the benefit of the provincials.

>Also, is her worship a Hero Cult, or has she actually become the
>Maize Goddess for the Empire?

I think she is worshipped as one or more sub- and hero cults (the Corn Priestess, the mother of the twins Twilight and Nightlight in Oraya, the cult of the Seventh Mother in Tarsh etc).

>Somewhere (Wyrm's Footnotes, I think) JarEel is described as a
>reincarnation or second coming of HonEel.

         JarEel is the Fourth Inspiration of Moonson and fated to be
         the current incarnation of the Red Goddess in human flesh.
                         Genertela Book p34.

I can't see why the Lunars would, with their philosophy of change and transformation, require a HonEel clone.

>If so, JarEel seems surprisingly wholesome (yes, she killed all those
>Sartarites, but she doesn't seem to have the malevolent qualities of
>HonEel and seems much more loyal to the Empire and Emperor).

She was IMO derelict in duty at the sack of Boldhome which allowed Harsaltar the Infant Terrible to gravely wound the Emperor. As a result of that disgrace, she

>Yara Aranis looks like the big exception, but I have my
>doubts if she's really a daughter of the Red Emperor

She is.

>(there's a spider-like horse-eathing demon in (the Fortunate
>Succession?) who soulds suspiciously like her).

That is Yara Aranis. Her appearance is prefaced there with "The result of the Emperor's divine mating in hell came to the world the next winter." (tFS p62).

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