From: Nick West <>
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2001 11:33:07 -0000

Hi folks,

Delurking for the first time.

All this talk of Estal Donge and Termertain has got me to thinking of the value of their love child to anti -Argrath elements. A scoin of the house of Sartar AND Tarsh, if discovered (hidden away somewhere, maybe with the Telmori or a pro Lunar tribe, Enstalos?), would be a powerful rallying point for those opposed to Storm Fascism.
Argrath's claims to be of the royal blood are tenuous at best and he hardly seems to subscribe to the founder's principles of toleration and mutual aid. I've always wondered what happens to the pro Lunar clans after the empire's expulsion. Under persecution from the Ring of UnSartarite - Activities a figurhead that can claim to be patriotic AND accepting of Lunar religion would be perfect for them. What's more Fazzurites (anti - Empire but Lunar religious) would be looking for a focal point in their oppostion to Murlarik. Not only would such a figure be able to have some claim to legitimatly unite Dragon Pass, but being of the Eel blood they could even claim some infuence in the divided empire. More than Argrath certainly, for all his child marriages.

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