Re: Loskalmi Armour

Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2001 15:16:20 EST

Jerome Blondel:

<< I've been on the french list for the first time and oh! someone's asking about the 3EB. In an answer someone mentioned a possible link between their secrets and the Book beyond Bronze (translat?) of the Loskalmi smiths' guild.

     First I've heard of it, I confess. I would assume smiths to be members of the farmer class (although I concede blacksmiths might be a different matter) and thus unlikely to be using grimoires - although they have access to books of blessings, obviously.

<< Glorantha book says the metal of the sorcerer-knights' armours is a secret metal... >>

     I can't find this reference, and they just use enchanted iron, AFAIK. Although that's a big 'just' :-)  

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