From: robert darvall <>
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 10:41:38 +1100

Working yourself up to charge into certain death is quite possible. RW e.g. the last bayonet charge the Australian army ever conducted in anger was in Vietnam where a senior officer distant from the event over-ruled his local subordinate & ordered such a charge on an entrenched enemy position. The men carried it out. Needless to say they all died. More to the point they knew they would die (Quote "We're all fucking dead"), came from a relatively irreligious background (Mike points out the benefits of strong faith as a motivational force), had little experience charging with bayonet, & were using what had become a weapon of desperation in their force. Despite this they summonned the nerve to do it.
Swordsmen charging spears have a lot more chance of survival & so a lot fewer psychological hurdles. Charging a spear unit, while hard, seems quite feasible from a morale point of view.

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