Re: Literacy

Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 13:09:28 EST

Alain Rameau:

<< As I understand it, HW decided to drop all "Speak own language" kind of skills, because a Hero should be capable of speaking fluently his own tongue. OK for me. However, is "Read/write" still a valid skill, for the same reason : >>

     It is valid. Followers of Lhankor Mhy (among others) have Read and Write skills in their keywords, according to the main HW rulebook.


    Only if literacy is the norm in the culture, which I doubt is the case anywhere in Glorantha. Personally, I believe that the Loskalmi probably have the highest literacy rate (at least for human cultures), but I still don't think its even mediocre by 21st century standards. Although I could be convinced that the Loskalmi make their kids recite the alphabet as part of their adulthood rites, as Muslims and Jews do today, making them (almost) universally literate and thus obviously weird spooky types according to other Gloranthans. But I'm certainly not convinced of that at the moment...

<<To say it another way, is the RW distinction between speak and read/write still a valid distinction in a world like Glorantha where magic is everywhere and can help learning languages easily ?>>

     Only if there's a reason you'd *want* to use such strange magic, though. Lhankor Mhy priests don't learn farming magic, why should Joe Barntari want to learn reading magic?  

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