SCA vs Brits (Joke!)

From: Dom Twist <>
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 21:16:28 -0000

Its seems to me we wont sort this one out in a hurry.

However I think we can all say that both SCA and Brit/Euro style combat do have a LOT to add to the subject of Dark Age/Medieval combat.

I'dont think we are going to acheive much by compareing styles or effects....having done both I consider the Brit style to be much 'better' as a comparison to real life.....but that the SCA style has a lot going for it as well. Please remember that I've done both, I liked SCA a lot but a coming battle didnt give me cold chills runningf down my spine like 'EVERY' british one does. I think on balance however that WE (ie nutters who go out and hit people each weekend. SCA, Brits and Euro's) have a lot to add to Gloranthan reality, just as Poul Anderson did with his 'Thud and Blunder' peice in Theives World way back when for fantasy fiction. Hero Wars can be a little TOO Heroic for my tastes, although I love Glorantha deeply and demo the game whenever I have a chance.

For those SCA'ers on the list:- I dont think we can settle this easily or well. I welcome discusion off-list and open a invite to the UK for this season or any following. My group are running only 2 shows this season one in March and one at the end of August. There is however a show (probably lots of them) every weekend this summer.

    You are however all welcome to attend the August Show. Battle of Camlan. Arthur vs Mordred, 5 battles, 2 Shows a day. 1 'Hollywood' Arthur knights in shining armour, 1 Romano-Brit vs Saxon Friday 'silly' show. Bring a Tent, Armour and (Blunt, Steel) Weapons optional (bring your own woad). I will happily fight you, as will a number of my own group 'Northland Mercenaries'. If you can prove your safe you can fight in the battles. Venue:- Tintagel, quote Greg Stafford "Merlin's Burgers, Arthur's Teashop etc etc" rather touristy but still a few cool buildings and the castle is 'way cool' for a ruin. (sorry for the quote Greg!). If you want epic castles go to some of the shows in me!

Of course that wasnt a official invite.....but my Jarl needs my support for the muster and I know that a few of the other Jarls most experienced Huscarls view the SCA in the same manner as myself as oposed to the normal Brit view...which is I'm sad to say, looked shocked, aske about the rattan canes, laugh hystericaly and make jokes about funny sticks. Does the idea of My Jarl needing my support sound a bit Orlanthi? You Bet!

Come have fun, enjoy large amounts of mead, music of the pipes, get beaten senseless by the cheiftan from Gladiator (I did) and generally have more fun. Actualy same goes for any Brits out there.If you want to see (and take photo's) of real 'Orlanthi' looking battles...mail me! (I've had more than a few peeps ask for more details already but I'll add that this extends to peeps who want to see it happen and not just hit other people, chances are we stage a battle near you sometime soon!)

DomT Freeman of the Northland Mercs, Guard of the Gun Company Infantry Commander (who may or may not actualy know that yet.....Mal if your listening I'm sticking close to you this year...makes for a good fight!)

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