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From: Tim Ellis <>
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 21:29:21 +0000

Oops -replied directly to Alain rather than to the list

In message Languages in HW, Alain RAMEAU writes

>This post is between rules and background.
>As I understand it, HW decided to drop all "Speak own language" kind of skills,
>because a Hero should be capable of speaking fluently his own tongue.

I think it's back to thinking of a show like Xena again. It works better if everyone speaks (a) the same language and (b) the language that we understand (the latter is why a film like "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" will not be as successful in terms of viewing figures as an English language "action" film in the US/UK)

So for Hero Wars the idea is that anyone you are likely to meet is capable of understanding you and making themselves understood - unless of course, the GM decides it would be more dramatic if they were unintelligible! - Hence there is no list of languages - If your players all go away and generate characters and present you with an Orlanthi, a Grazer and a bunch of Lunars from every corner of the Empire, you don't need to worry about making contested language rolls every time they talk together...

>In the same idea, I think the "Culture" skill should include the relevant speak
>language (and read/write ?) ability as well, as a culture is defined by a
>language (not only, but it is a major element IMO), and knowing the language
>essential to understand well a culture ?
>Any opinions ?

On the other hand, spending a few of your words on "...and learned the language of the Trolls/Elves/Mostali/Dragonewts/Praxian Raiders" or whatever could always turn out to be very useful later in the game!

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