Blood Sun

From: Greg Stafford <>
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 09:41:20 -0800

At 06:08 PM 1/30/2001 -0800, The Glorantha Digest wrote:
>AFAIK the trick the Mandarins used (following Shavaya and the Solar
>Storm) was to wait until the Sun became the Solar Storm (the Ignorants
>could change the appearance of their sun to suit their needs whether
>it be the Blood Sun to fertilize the crops or the Black Sun for the
>Uz overlords to sunbathe in) and enlightened it. They then seized
>the ghost of the unenlightened Solar Storm and imprisoned it in Jankley
>Bore so that it could not rejoin the Sun after a while. Thus the Sun
>has always been quiet since the Mandarins took over.

Greg Seiz: not necessarily The Way it was done. Entertaining theory, and I am sure that this theory IS present in Glorantha.

The whole Blood Sun Epic is a part of the Hero Wars, when the previously petty god called Alanthore is revealed to be worshipped in large parts of Genertela and the East Isles. I beg your patience to preserve having to explain more than that right now.
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