Gloranthan Literacy

From: Stephen Tempest <>
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 19:42:07 GMT

>From: Greg Stafford <>

>Reading and writing is MUCH MUCH more rare in Glorantha than among us.
>Among the Heortlings it is the sole provence of the Lhankor Mhy cult, who

What about the Issaries merchants? How do they keep their accounts, remember who owes them money, keep a list of their stock, record a contract with the neighbouring clan to supply 5 bushels of grain next harvest time in return for 6 newborn lambs handed over in Sea Season?

Is it all done by memory, or do they have a limited system of symbols used as mnemonics, or did Issaries do a trade with Lhankor Mhy during the Godtime which now allows him to teach his devotees to read and write as a cult secret?

Pehaps Tradetalk should have a very limited written form - useless for writing poetry or tribal histories, but great for recording that "Snorri Hagarson owes me 5 cows" ?

RW example: Sumerian cuneiform writing was developed by merchants as a means of recording the deals and contracts they had struck.


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