Going to Tentacles from the US?

From: Fabian Kuechler <fabian.kuechler_at_medien.uni-weimar.de>
Date: Fri, 02 Feb 2001 01:50:17 +0100

The Glorantha Digest schrieb:

> Mike Dawson [OT] Going to Convulsion from the US?
> ------------------------------
> Sorry for the off-topic, but this could save some of you some $$$.
> For those of you who haven't made your travel arrangements yet, Sabena/Swissair have some special rates on flights to Germany from the US:


Hey, that is nice, thanx Mike!

Tentacles encourages more US citizens to visit Germany! I guess Mike meant Tentacles instead of Convulsion...

BTW - 2/3 of Tentacles is booked out by now (that happend in January!) - a funny bunch of people already.

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