Loskalmi Smiths, Iron, Rust, Verdigris

From: Jerome Blondel <bwbfc_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Fri, 02 Feb 2001 05:50:05 -0000


A few thoughts about Loskalmi smiths:

I think that a farmer-smith could become a knight-smith then a sorcerer-smith. The farmer-smith could make all sorts of metal items. The knight-smith would have more experience and could make elaborate armor frex, but maybe he's overwhelmed by his military duties. More interesting is the sorcerer-smith, who can use magic to enchant metals and possibly work exotic metals. I think smiths are encouraged to try to become sorcerers, if they have enough magic predispositions. Maybe other professions could continue practicing their art all along the different classes, in order to combine a lifetime's experience and sorcerous help, but i can't think of any. However the military service is compulsory if they want to learn sorcery one day. This is an interesting flaw for Idealism.

Mikko Rintasaari:
>I think iron can be found, usually in rather small quantities. The iron
>that is to be found for the non-dwarves is, of course, the remains of Iron
>Mostali killed in the Godswar. IMG, at least.

Good idea the Iron Mostali. It's good for me.

Also, the dwarfs have been sparingly giving out expensive iron to the humans since the Dawn and probably a lot of it is still in circulation, because people won't let it get lost. They gave much more at the very beginning, when all the races were still united. I wonder how long an item can circulate like that, or stay in the same place untouched, if it's in a tomb frex. 1600 years? (possibly being reforged several times). I can hardly imagine even natural iron rusting on Glorantha - anyway people probably won't let it rust. And what about verdigris?


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