Centaur origins

From: Topi Pitkanen <topi.pitkanen_at_helsinki.fi>
Date: Sat, 03 Feb 2001 15:34:59 +0200 (EET)

I was reading errata-pages for Anaxial's Roster and something that I had missed cought my eye. There's beastfolk in Seshnela !? I had been in understanding that beast people are phenomenae of golden age and of Dragon Pass.

I'm curious about the origins of the seshnelan centaurs, especially in context of origins of their manirian cousins.

God Learners did experiments with recreating extinct species, their succes is the most likely source for beast people being in Seshnela.

On the other hand, the few Luathans may have had some influence on the subject, maybe by bringing some along from Luathela? Anyway recently they have protected/tolerated the Elder races on their islands, which is where I suppose Seshnelan beastfolk thrives.

I doubt that any Seshnelan beastfolk race has survived from mythic ages.

The seshnelan centaurs wont propably follow the ways of Ironhoof.

It's plausible to assume there was somekind of relation between god-learner recreators and remakers of EWF. I say they knew about each other. Has someone given some thoughts to this one?

Suddenly I found myself imagining huge "moon race" competition between the EWF and Middle-sea empire. Who got to first reconstruct the perfect age in their own image was the big political, religious and mythological question.

Race between recreators and remakers would have been one of the main fields where this struggle of powers was wrought. And making beastfolk became a one episode of historical undertakings of imperial age.

It seems that the revivalists on both sides were succesful. Something makes me think that actually there was considerable co-operation between the EWF and god-learner counterparts, possibly unafflicted by official imperial policies, wars etc.. One obvious explanation is that both recreators and remakers shared mutual myths (especially on the beastfolk projects) and kept meeting each other there.

The waking of Dorastor dreadly fits the pattern that occupies my mind rigth now. In my own campaign I have added spice to the backrounds by claiming that Delecti was one of the forces that took part creating modern day Dorastor. He made Neverdead.

It may be that ultimate winner of the "moon race" got to be the Ralzakark. The perfect age was brought forth! Though it was not the Draconic Age of EWF sorcerers who participated, nor the Age of RuneQuestSights the god-learners were after. In the Land of Doom begun an age perfect in image of His Illuminated Majesty, the Brother to Wakhboth.

I fear I cannot say if we have seen the last of Remakers&Recreators. They just could resurface in small but disturbing way. It's all just rumours of course that Ralzakark has live god-learners under Forth Wrath. But I don't WANT to think about origins of Slenia&Sleninga who reside in Delecti's realm!

"Any worldwiew that isn't strange is automatically false."

End of The Glorantha Digest V8 #246

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