Re: Centaur origins

Date: Sat, 3 Feb 2001 15:14:05 EST

Topi Pitkanen:

<< I was reading errata-pages for Anaxial's Roster and something that I had
missed caught my eye. There's beastfolk in Seshnela !? >>

     Yes. Proper ones, too, not the stitched-together sort you get in Dragon Pass.

<< On the other hand, the few Luathans may have had some influence on the
subject, maybe by bringing some along from Luathela? >>

     They certainly only appeared in Seshnela after the luatha turned up. Whether the luatha brought them along with them physically in their boats, or whether they summoned them through some sort of weird magic is unknown (although I'd assume the latter), as is quite why they bothered.

<<Anyway recently they have protected/tolerated the Elder races on their islands, which is where I suppose Seshnelan beastfolk thrives.>>


<< The seshnelan centaurs wont probably follow the ways of Ironhoof. >>

     No. Their religion is similar, but Ironhoof is a specifically Dragon Pass hero.  

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