Re: Centaur origins

From: Julian Lord <>
Date: Sun, 04 Feb 2001 01:00:24 +0100

Topi Pitkanen :

> I was reading errata-pages for Anaxial's Roster and something that
> I had missed cought my eye. There's beastfolk in Seshnela !?
> I had been in understanding that beast people are phenomenae
> of golden age and of Dragon Pass.

Yep, yep, yep, as the sedrali would have it.

> I'm curious about the origins of the seshnelan centaurs, especially
> in context of origins of their manirian cousins.
> Deduction:
> God Learners did experiments with recreating extinct species, their
> succes is the most likely source for beast people being in Seshnela.

God Learners innocent this time round, I'm afraid ; but see below :

> On the other hand, the few Luathans may have had some influence on
> the subject, maybe by bringing some along from Luathela?

Explicitely mentioned in AR.

Indeed, where else could one find extinct Golden Age creatures but in Luathela, the Land of dead Gold ?

> Anyway
> recently they have protected/tolerated the Elder races on their
> islands, which is where I suppose Seshnelan beastfolk thrives.

I think that the basic idea is that they've turned the remnants of old Seshnela into a huge 49th level D&D campaign setting, with extra added Gloranthan style, brains, & quality. For those who like that sort of stuff ! (and why not ?)

> I doubt that any Seshnelan beastfolk race has survived from
> mythic ages.

No, they haven't : except perhaps for a few secret snake-people ? Sources are sweetly ambiguous re: these people ...

> The seshnelan centaurs wont propably follow the ways of Ironhoof.

No, they don't : the seshnelan Beast-folk are many splintered races, who don't really get along with each other, let alone with the humans. Think Dungeons & Dragons !

> Something makes me think that actually there was considerable
> co-operation between the EWF and god-learner counterparts,

Implicitly suggested by the text, yes.

Anyways, that is probably an actual theory of those who live in the DP & Delecti's Swamp area of the world ...

Whether it's true or not ...

Julian Lord

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