Controlling Dragonewts

From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Sun, 04 Feb 2001 16:49:09 +1300

Olli Kantola:

>Me> Not all such secrets disappeared. In Aggar, there is the City of
> > 10,000 Magicians. According to the Genertela Book p42, "Most of
> > the sorcery throughout the Empire of the Wyrm Friends was studied
> > and assembled here".

>Yes, I'm aware of that place, but what makes you think that they were
>immune to the draconewts repossession of their knowledge. Past tense.

The description says "sorcery", not "dragon magics". Delecti's knowledge of magic survived the same event so I fail to see why the City should have succumbed.

>What makes you think that they still stury those magics.

Because it's implied by "Named because it will last until ten thousand magicians had entered its gates, this centre of study is no longer open to outsiders. The wise fear the demise of the city very soon" (Genertela Book p42).

>Why would the Pure Golden Horde leave those that place uncleanced?

Because a) it wasn't dragon magic, and b) as well as wanting to kill all dragonewts, they aimed to seize their magical properties (Uz Lore p26).

>I think that you could find traces of Green Age Revivalism and the
>like there, but controlling the dragonewts!

How is a spell to make dragonewts do your bidding any different from a spell to control krarshtkids, jolanti or any of Magasta's monsters from the abysmal depths? Just because dragons are strange and incomprehensible does not rule out control spells for their lesser kin any more than the strange, incomprehensible nature of Cthulhu rules out spells for controlling ghouls, deep ones etc.

One could argue that from the Cthulhuesque parallel that the control dragonewt spell should have some terrible hidden consequences. I agree and that this consequence is the some inhuman cost referred to in KoS p142.

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