Sartar's Roads

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Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2001 08:15:20 -0800

>> According to Greg, they are mundane (he says, recently bitten).
>Well, not from the descriptions I've read, partly mundane
>I'm sure, but it's hard to believe that they are totally mundane
>KOS page 136:

Sartar had dwarf help to raise his city walls between the mountains in Boldhome, and to make this stretch of road across the mountains. Some of his descendants had some help from dwarfs, but most did not. The mroads are mostly nice pieces of engineering done in a mundane manner.

Also, Sartarite "nationalism" was, as some have indicated, a deal made between the High King and some tribes. The ordinary people went along becasue their leaders told them it was in their best interest.

Jonstown Temple is formed by the CULT, not the tribes.

>The Maboder had by then defected to the Lunars. So for a rebel
>this was a good thing. Of course the way I read it, it seems
>to have been a surprise attack by the Telmori on the Maboder
>and no one really had time to intervene. I would've thought
>the Lunars would have if they could. Afterwards, tribesmen
>came to avenge the Maboder (alternatively kill the Telmori)
>but also rebels and outlaws aided the Telmori.

In fact, most of the tribes sent warriors to help the Lunars to defeat the Telmori. They said ti was to avenge the Maboder, but what people say and do are not always 100% congruent. They in fact hated and feared the Telmori, (as indeed, it is right to do. They are nasty!)

> They were there before the Kingdom of Sartar.
No, they were not.
Sartar establishe dthe cities.

>Actually I never claimed that, I said that the Cult of
>Sartar/Ring of Sartar/Nation of Sartar changed the Dragon
>Pass Orlanthi from what they were like before Sartar. The
>position of many people seems to be that they are basically
>the same culture as 1300s Dragon Pass.

I too think they are essentially the saem cultre as in 1300. Sartar offered them an option that had not been present before. - --------
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