Re: Dragonrise Rebellion

Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2001 15:57:53 EST


<< >>And the dragon just rose up by accident or did it happen
>>to be part of a co-ordinated plot by the rebels?
>What rebels? All I can see is seven conspirators in league with
>foreign powers. There's no widespread rebellion before the
>dragon rises. It is only _after_ the event that rebellion
>against the Empire became rational for ordinary people.

 This is to be detailed in Sartar Rising! of course. But it was not just seven individuals, but it was seven individuals with significant hero bands, and with significant support from others. Oh, and your player heroes of course... >>

     Or not, of course ;-). I'm not running a Gloranthan campaign at the minute, sadly, but I reckon my last group of players would have been more likely to help out the Lunars than join the rebels (and more likely still to ignore the whole conflict and let Argrath and Tatius duke it out on their own, come to think of it). Never underestimate players' abilities to ignore the scripted plot... :-)

Forward the glorious Red Army!


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