Trolls and iron

From: Mikko Rintasaari <>
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2001 12:29:09 +0200

:Are trolls hurt whenever they touch iron or just when the iron
:penetrates their skin? Would a troll ever choose to use an iron
:weapon to combat an opponent which was a troll or an elf?

I think Trolls fear iron with an irrational dread. Iron hungers for their life (they are animists, and to them iron propably seems alive and malicious). Iron weapons penetrating into their flesh burn them with a cold fire (feels like fire, but doesn't actually heat the flesh), causing horrible wounds. The wound continues to deteriorate unless the iron is removed.

The Darksense echo of iron is harsh and hurts the senses of the trolls, and actually touching anything made of iron will damage the trolls skin if the contact is more than a few seconds.

A ruthless troll may want to use an iron daggers etc. to slay a hated troll enemy, but the weapons hilt would have to be thickly padded, and it would feel like he was holding something very unholy and dangerous in his hand. Think of using a rattlesnake as a weapon...

All the above just IMO, of course.


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