Good change is no change

From: Nick West <>
Date: Wed, 07 Feb 2001 12:53:30 -0000

Hi Folks,

Jonas Shchiott:

<Yeah, but I'd expect every orlanthi who knows any Heortling history> <to
be aware of the difference between good changes and bad ones.>
<Lokamayadon instituted a bad change, this was corrected by the good>
<changes of Harmast and Alakoring.>

Isn't it more the case that contemporary Orlanthi do not believe that Harmast and Alakoring instituted "change" per se, so much as put things back to "the way they always were".

Dawn age Orlanthi beliefs may be somewhat different to things after Harmst brings his changes but as far as the Orlanthi are concerned all he did was burn away Lokadayamonism (in the baths of Nelat?)

Yes we might know that Alakoring introduced inovations (Orlanth Rex, stronger tribes) but as far as modern Orlanthi are concerned these were just Heort's laws reafirmed.


Nick West

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