Just how conservative are the Brithini?

From: David Cake <dave_at_difference.com.au>
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2001 21:41:59 +0800

Peter replies to me
> >Me>If a river appeared after Bob the Brithini was ordered to haul water
>> >from a well two thousand years ago, then he would still do it.
>>though it would indicate that a Talar somewhere responsible
>>for issuing new orders was not doing their job.
>IMO he would only issue new orders if the old order became
>impossible to carry out (i.e. the well ran dry). Change
>should not be tolerated unless it is unavoidable and all

        It all comes down to just HOW incredibly conservative the Brithini are. More so than any RW culture, for sure. But are they unbelievably conservative, or unbelievably and stupidly conservative?

        I can believe, for example, that Brithini would continue drawing water from the same water source without ever checking the next valley to see if there was a better water source, as long was water supplies were adequate. But I don't think that they would ignore changes that do occur - I don't think the Talar would continue to order the water carrier to gather water from the well for centuries if he was aware that a river had sprung up in the way. The response might be unbelievably conservative, though. Order several years of magical tests on the new water source, allow a small group to test drinking it for some years, etc.

        But its a YMMV thing - the Brithini are certainly more conservative than any human culture, its just a question of just how much by.



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