Trolls and Crossbow

From: Alain RAMEAU <>
Date: 07 Feb 2001 16:15:02 +0100

The crossbow, like the bow, is made of wood. I have difficulties seeing an Uz with a skill like Craft Wood in order to make bows, crossbows, and above all arrows and bolts. Maces used by troll are probably in of wood, but they do not necessitate precise crafting, and the head is reinforced with lead.

On the other hand, caves and undergrounds are full of rock, so plenty of ammunitions for sling. I would rather see the Troll as slings crafting experts, making all the variant kinds of sling : the standard sling (as David vs Goliath), the staff sling, but also, if one accept that Uz craft wood, more modern-like slings (rock thrower ?) and sort of crossbows firing rocks instead of bolts.


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