Re: Literacy and Issaries

From: David Dunham <>
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2001 22:39:28 -0800

Peter Larsen

> >"Issarion clan?" This sounds like a clan of all Issaries members,
> >which I don't think is what you mean. But I imagine even merchants
> >who do much wandering have a home temple somewhere.
> I was thinking of a clan with a very large Issaries
> population that relied
> as much on trading as more traditional methods of prosperity (it's hard to
> trade if you raid...). I figure there might be one or two. If there is no
> such clan, there must be a temple that, presumably, supports a community of
> some sort.

Ah, like the "Trade Clan" of King of Dragon Pass. Yes, I believe those exist (though Sora Goodseller is from Jansholm -- I think a goodly number of Issaries merchants will be from cities).

> >You've read my Bad King Urgrain story? (I believe it was in the most
> >recent Convulsion booklet.)
> Alas, I have not.

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