Re: Musings about a North American Glorantha convention

From: Tal Meta <>
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 16:07:17 -0500

> I would like to see this happen... but is there anyone willing *and* able
> to support it? If so, please contact me and let's begin working on a plan.

While I can't offer a full blown GloranthaCon, I am perfectly capable of providing the time, space, and venue for Glorantha-related events. I'm the RPG & LARP coordinator for the two largest gaming conventions in the north-east, and I have always solicited Chaosium-based gaming events (yeah, so I'm biased. so what? <g>).

However, I'm not exactly swamped with submissions. I get plenty of CoC games every year, but past recruitment efforts for RQ or Hero Wars have fallen flat.

If anyone -is- interested, I still have a few tables available at MonCon (April 20-22) this year. Too late to make the pre-reg book, but there's always the on-site book. I don't have the exact dates for ShoreCon (late September/early October of this year) but I'll cheerfully accept submissions for that con (and we have alot more LARP space there, too). (Both cons are in central NJ).

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