Eastern sun and mortality

From: Nils Weinander <nils_w_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2001 17:12:39 +0100

First I must say that Terra Incoginta's musings on emperor Thalurzni are utterly fascinating. The text is dense and hard to penetrate, but if you haven't read these posts before, make the effort, it's well worth it!

> But the Sun was gone, and many way of Vithelan Glory went to useless,
> Daughter of Shavaya Miyo told People of Kerendaruth about Rice planting and
> cooking, but Conflict and Aging started when Ebe was died in the Eastern
> Vithela.

I don't think this is quite correct: the sun never disappeared from the eastern sky (at least this is the case for Vithela, but I think it is valid for Kralorela as well). Some easterners say that the sun changed somehow at the Dawn, but it was not a return from long absence.

According to Vithelan mythology, mortals have been subject to aging and death since the Creation Cycle, it is not something externally inflicted. I think this goes for Kralorela as well, with their emphasis on continuity.

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