From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 10:31:18 +1300

Chris GrahamL

>A thought occured, the lunar field around 200 troops in balazar. The
>place has no local forging and no noted mineral wealth? Troops usually
>need a bit of cash to spend in the inns etc. How do the lunars finance
>the troops in the field?

>The supply caravan would need to bring the coinage into the area? Or would
>credit facilities be available backed by the lunar government? You can't
>pay all your troops in pigs, how about trinkets to trade with the
>balzaring natives?

I think because of the smallness of the local moneyed economy, any coins that the lunars spend end up in the lunar hands to be paid to the soldiers again.

If one wants trinkets to bargain with the Votanki, then I suppose there are stalls in Elkoi willing to sell the required junk. Usually the Lunars would just requisition what they need from the natives...

>Now what if a group of enterprising rebels stopped the supply caravan
>cutting off food supplies and gaining freshly minted imperials in the process?

It's been stated in one of the errata for Griffin Mountain in a pre-100 White Dwarf (I don't have it and can't recall the issue number), that the Lunar Caravan brings in slightly more than is needed. Hence if a caravan fails to get through, the Lunars won't be compelled to boil and eat the Votanki.

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