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>First I must say that Terra Incoginta's musings on
>emperor Thalurzni are utterly fascinating. The text
>is dense and hard to penetrate, but if you haven't
>read these posts before, make the effort, it's well
>worth it!

I'm Flattered. I enjoy hearing Such Honey Words as Dendara pleased Yelm in GROY.
>> But the Sun was gone, and many way of Vithelan Glory went to useless,
>> Daughter of Shavaya Miyo told People of Kerendaruth about Rice planting
>> cooking, but Conflict and Aging started when Ebe was died in the Eastern
>> Vithela.

>I don't think this is quite correct: the sun never
>disappeared from the eastern sky (at least this is
>the case for Vithela, but I think it is valid for
>Kralorela as well). Some easterners say that the sun
>changed somehow at the Dawn, but it was not a return
>from long absence.

Can I found this status even in Theistic Timetravel? I have already seen "Thunder Rebels" Theistical Genertela of God Age.

Chat of Members of Traveller and Journeyer in Lunar Empire: Student: "Yeah, next I think to plan I will go Questing Travel from Border of DH Empire in Storm Age to Garden of Genert, then contact to Land of Splendour, for More Draconic Knowledge in Arkati Way. Very Difficult, but I think there are much expoectation to New Knowledge." Teacher: "Stop to think about it! There are no way to contact to Kralorela Mystical Age in that way of Technic, even strongest Chaotic Gods could not penetrate Barrier of ShanShan (aka Umath's Body). If you try it, you will soon go mad or fall to Gap of Ambivalence, you will lose way in the Storm, Great Darkness and Broken World of "I fought, we won." Do you truly have self-confidence to deal effectly with such extreme difficulty?"

I know Mystics don't use Timetravel Technic. At least not so often as Theists. I feel this Problem has similarity when I have seen Mage the Ascension: Whitewolf Published. Reality Paradigm. Always "In My Point of View" and removed from United "Old Good Glorantha" (Nick Brooke mentioned about it.)

In my vague memory, Army of Basko fought against Army of Chaos in Troll Gods, didn't they?

I had good Start for changing Matters, because in preface I have written All of my Writings of Thalurzni
were set with Hand of "Plutarch of Slontos" Subject of ShangHsa of New Dragon Ring under Great Influence of Godlearners and Hsunchen Korgatsu Tradition. (This technic was "equivocally" used by Greg Stafford in KoS when he wrote about Far Future of Glorantha.) All can be replaced and Lunars will win.
But if you think my Idea is too far from Orthodoxy and Heretical. I will gladly change my mind and materials to more suitable form.

I think most of Ancient Kralorela was Densed Forest as Ancient China of Middle Valley of Yellow River. (Elephants lived there in the Shang Dynasty. But Empires killed "Aldryami" as Feudal Europians with Great Effort, and Center of China went to Lower Reaches of Yellow River as Middle Area went to Desert.
Please see Thunder Rebels, P144 Map) I think Dragon Hsunchen Mythology has some similarity with Western Hsunchens: Pralori and Telmori.

>changed somehow at the Dawn

What and when do you think to put occured "Dawn"? I vaguely remember in some Article About "Black Sun Rising" when Herespur and Akorgat reigned Sky World.
Maybe I can find there is Timeloop in that "Moment".

If Greg Stafford can cut Elmal Sun from Mystical Age Sun of Emperor Yelm, I can cut Thalurzni (Husband of Kralorelan Dendara) from Maluraya, HeenMaroun (Kralorelan Yelm) from Maluraya, Thella from Theya, etc... Its not Great Problem. Frivolous?

>According to Vithelan mythology, mortals have been
>subject to aging and death since the Creation Cycle,
>it is not something externally inflicted. I think this
>goes for Kralorela as well, with their emphasis on

Mortals? Dragons are Immortals. Gods are Immortals, too. Mystics are Immortals, too.
(but they don't like this Status in another meaning of disfavor of Western Saints who are bestowed Longevity for their Virtue. But it makes closer risk to more entanglement of Garden of Temptation. Please read about ShangHsa) Even Gods can be killed for Violence of AntiGods, but if their Souls can be reincarnated,
 I think even in Vithelan Mythology some Humans are descendants of Gods and Great Mystics, and many Easterners are also Theists of their Petty Gods of their Land with Worship of Sacrifice when they made Avanapdur while sacificing to "Durapdur".

I wrote Category of "Giants" which derived from Older Article about Giant and Dragon War. Giants manifesting Materialism, garden of temptation, Immortality of limited sense, Great Power of Anti Gods, Children of Orxilli, material of World which Ancestral Dragon use it for Cosmic Egg. But that is all IMHO, and Dragonewts may want to kill all of Kralorelans for such Heretical Idea...
Something makes Division between Mortals and Gods, hence Souls can reincarnate and replace their own bodies. I think Kralorelan Wild Man also can Utuma, and Vithelan Counterpart of Ebe is Iste the Dancer, one of Avanparloth, I guess no specific mythology about him.

Anyway, Alex knows more about it....But....

End of The Glorantha Digest V8 #263

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