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From: Nils Weinander <>
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2001 22:51:40 +0100

> >I don't think this is quite correct: the sun never
> >disappeared from the eastern sky (at least this is
> >the case for Vithela, but I think it is valid for
> >Kralorela as well). Some easterners say that the sun
> >changed somehow at the Dawn, but it was not a return
> >from long absence.
> Can I found this status even in Theistic Timetravel?
> I have already seen "Thunder Rebels" Theistical Genertela of God Age.

If you perform a theist heroquest in the East Isles you will get to the mythic ages of Vithela of course. How feasible it is to travel between the Orlanthi otherworld and teh Vithelan one is hard to tell. You'll have to pass a huge mountain chain and probably hostile areas in between. Then you will face hostile world penalties.

> I know Mystics don't use Timetravel Technic. At least not so often as
> Theists.

That's an interesing issue. Heroquesting and the otherworld is temptation to avoid. OTOH, the otherworld should also be refuted on the path to liberation.

> In my vague memory, Army of Basko fought against Army of Chaos in Troll
> Gods, didn't they?

I think so.

> I think most of Ancient Kralorela was Densed Forest as Ancient China of
> Middle Valley of Yellow River.

In the Green Age/Creation Cycle, there were forests over most of Glorantha, so that sounds right.

> (Elephants lived there in the Shang Dynasty.
> But Empires killed "Aldryami" as Feudal Europians with Great Effort, and
> Center of China went to Lower Reaches of Yellow River as Middle Area went to
> Desert.
> Please see Thunder Rebels, P144 Map)

This is a later age though, so as you say the situation will be different by this time.

> >changed somehow at the Dawn
> What and when do you think to put occured "Dawn"?
> I vaguely remember in some Article About "Black Sun Rising" when Herespur
> and Akorgat reigned Sky World.

No, this is earlier. Herespur and Akorgat are in the Demigods Cycle. The Human Cycle began sometome in the Grey Age, so the Dawn is well within the Human Cycle.

> If Greg Stafford can cut Elmal Sun from Mystical Age Sun of Emperor Yelm, I
> can cut Thalurzni (Husband of Kralorelan Dendara) from Maluraya, HeenMaroun
> (Kralorelan Yelm) from Maluraya, Thella from Theya, etc... Its not Great
> Problem. Frivolous?

On the contrary, I don't think Thalurzni and HeenMaroun should be mixed up with Maluraya at all. Maluraya is the Vithelan sun god, I don't what the Kralorelan counterpart is, it they consider the sun a god at all. Second, neither HeenMaroun nor Thalurzni has solar connections. I know the god learner scheme equates HeenMaroun with Yelm, but that is probably Yelm the Emperor, not Yelm the Sun.

> >According to Vithelan mythology, mortals have been
> >subject to aging and death since the Creation Cycle,
> >it is not something externally inflicted. I think this
> >goes for Kralorela as well, with their emphasis on
> >continuity.
> Mortals? Dragons are Immortals. Gods are Immortals, too. Mystics are
> Immortals, too.

In a way, yes. What I am getting at is that according to Vithelan myth, aging and death have existed from the beginning. They are signs of imperfect mastery of the three measures, not something which is caused by a mythic disaster.

> Something makes Division between Mortals and Gods, hence Souls can
> reincarnate and replace their own bodies.

Gods are near one end of time, space and consciousness, mortals near the other end.

> I think Kralorelan Wild Man also
> can Utuma, and Vithelan Counterpart of Ebe is Iste the Dancer, one of
> Avanparloth, I guess no specific mythology about him.

Or Herevens, but I am wary of this parallell as Iste is a High God, and Herevens is usually equated with one, while Ebe seems very much not a perfect transcendent being.

Nils Weinander
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