Re: Misapplied Worship

Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2001 17:40:25 EST

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<< The main grip I have about introducing misapplied worship is  that it creates more headaches than it solves.  

But is this a gripe about the misapplied worship rules more than the actual "in Glorantha" religious practices, isn't it? I really cannot see how the citadels would be able to maintain a separate culture from the animist Balazaring hunters. The citadel warriors are recruited from the hunters, the citadels have had ruling dynasties changing very frequently, the usual candidates being foreign adventurers (could be Orlanthi, could be Solar, could be almost anything), conservative great old chief (ie probably Balazaring), or a vigourous thinking hunter with his grandfathers chainmail (ie also probably Balazaring).

Even if all of these were Theists it points to a considerable number of theistic hunters and chiefs for which there is little evidence.

I am inclined to give player Heroes that are Heroic enough to misapply their worship extra Hero Points.

Keith Nellist

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